Promoted in six months - Joy's story

19 Jun 2024

Three months before joining the Refugee Employability Programme (REP), Joy had been given refugee status and was eager to start her life in the UK.

Delivered via our supply chain partners, Shaw Trust, Joy met with Case Manager, Saphia for support CV writing and navigating the hospitality job sector. With little work experience or confidence, Joy worked closely with Saphia, who focused their appointments on job searching and applications to help Joy feel confident in applying for suitable roles.

“I ensured that all of Joy’s Right to Work documents were up to date, before I assisted her in applying to recruitment agencies and online job sites,” said Saphia. “Securing some temporary work to start with would give Joy the work experience she needed, to get a feel for the jobs she wanted to pursue in the long term.

“I could see Joy’s confidence and hope for the future improving after every one of our meetings.”

REP Case Managers are on-hand to support throughout the duration of Service Users’ time with us, which can last up to 18 months. Service Users can initially meet their allocated Case Manager in person, online or on the telephone.

Unfortunately, Joy was evicted from her temporary accommodation. Unsure of what to do, she arranged to see Saphia, who was able to reassure her and set aside time to look at options with her local council and write a letter to her landlord to request an extension of her notice. The request was granted, giving Joy more time to find alternative accommodation.

Saphia assisted Joy with completing housing application forms, and to her relief it wasn’t long before Joy was offered somewhere to live.

Joy was invited to a job fair event, hosted by Shaw Trust, where she met with potential employers and was able to hand out her new CV that she had made with Saphia. Joy was nervous to begin with, but with encouragement and coaching from Saphia, she felt confident enough meeting and speaking with new people on the day.

Joy spoke with a manager at a chain coffee shop, who were recruiting for a store that was local to her new home. The employer was impressed with Joy, and she was not only offered a Barista role, but a place on their starter programme that provides additional training for progression opportunities, paid travel expenses and weekly support groups too.

Saphia told us: “Joy has been enjoying her new role as a Barista for six months now, and following the progression opportunities given, she has since been promoted in that short period of time. She continues to keep in touch now and again and knows that we are here if she needs further support with anything.”