Preparing refugees for work and life in England

Get individual support and a learning plan from your own Case Manager so you can improve your English and career skills.

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Our support

The Refugee Employability Programme will give you the support you need to work and live in England.

If you have arrived as a refugee then finding a job and settling in your community is very important.

We know that it can be difficult to start. We are here to help.

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How it works

Here is how the Refugee Employability Programme works and what we can do to support you.

  • Sign up

    Complete your sign up here.

    We will start by checking you can use the service. This can take five working days. Language translation services are available if you need help.

  • Meet your Case Manager

    If you can take part in the service you will attend a meeting with a Case Manager within 10 working days.

    Your Case Manager will support you all the time you are using the service. This can be for up to 18 months.

    You can meet with your Case Manager in person, online or on the telephone.

    They will start by completing a personal assessment of your needs and goals.

    A Refugee Employability Programme Case Manager sat at her desk
  • Make a plan

    Your Case Manager will use the results of your assessment to make a personal development plan for you.

    The plan will help you to find a job, settle into your community and improve your English, if you need to.

    Your Case Manager will arrange all the support in your plan. You will have contact with them for help every 10 working days.

    A Case Manager talking with her team
  • Use our support

    You will have access to different support options depending on your status

    • Finding a job

      We want to help you find a job.

      Your Case Manager can help you to:

      • Identify the right jobs to apply for
      • Create your CV
      • Job search in the right places
      • Learn new job skills
      • Try some work experience
      • Visit jobs fairs
      • Find out more about local work culture
      • Develop your computer skills
      • Get money for training or travel
      • Develop a budget and plan your finances
      • Submit a job application
      • Practice for a job interview
    • Improving your English

      We can help you to improve your English writing, speaking and listening skills.

      Your Case Manager can assess your current ability.

      If you need help your Case Manager can refer you to a Trainer. The Trainer delivers classes to help you learn English. We can also help you to learn online, join a conversation group with other learners or attend another local course.

      Improving your English with other people who are learning too can really help.

    • Settling into your community

      We can help you to settle into your community and life in England.

      There are services where you live that you might need to use.

      Your Case Manager can help you to:

      • Register with a doctor and dentist
      • Find healthcare you might need
      • Understand how to use local transport
      • Access housing support
      • Find local childcare
      • Join local community groups
      • Meet other people

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The Refugee Employability Programme is here to help you if you:

  • Are 18 years old or over
  • Are younger than 66 (State Pension age)
  • Are not in full-time education or employment
  • Are actively seeking work
  • Do not have an illness or disability that stops you from working
  • Have arrived in the UK under certain schemes (not including Homes for Ukraine)
  • Live in England

We do not deliver REP in this area, please visit GOV.UK to find your service provider.