Becoming job ready - Shujaudin’s story

11 Jan 2024

When Shujaudin joined the Refugee Employability Programme, his main priority before finding work was finding somewhere to live. He had fled to the UK from Afghanistan and needed support in settling down in UK and continuing his career in construction.

The Refugee Employability Programme offers up to 18 months of support from a dedicated Case Manager. As well as employment support, the service offers support with community integration, such as securing housing and accessing local services and community groups.

Shujaudin’s Case Manager, Claire, prioritised his need for accommodation, helping him to complete a housing application with his local council.

Whilst waiting on his housing application, Claire assisted Shujaudin with an application to Universal Credit to help provide him with an income to support housing and living costs. Claire identified local food banks that Shujaudin could attend if needed, along with travel directions on how to get to them.

Claire told us: “Shujaudin was able to secure accommodation and is very happy that he now has a roof over his head. I have since been able to help him register with a local GP practice and provided guidance on how to get there.

“Shujaudin is in a much better position financially and is feeling a lot more positive about the future and his life in the UK.”

The Refugee Employability programme also offers English-language support to those who require it. Since joining our service, Shujaudin has successfully completed courses in English speaking, reading, and writing with our in-house ESOL Skills Trainer.

Shujaudin has also successfully obtained a CSCS card that will enable him to apply for roles in construction, after his Case Manager enrolled him onto a CSCS course, throughout which he received one-to-one coaching from our ESOL Skills Trainer.

With a new CV, improved English skills, a CSCS card, and a roof over his head, Shujaudin is now able to apply for work in his chosen career. He will continue to receive support from Claire and the rest of the Refugee Employability Programme team as he progresses into employment.